Fr. Paul Snyder


June 28th, 2023

54 mins 25 secs

Season 1

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About this Episode

(00:10) Fr. Craig and Fr. David open this episode with a short explanation of the reason behind the podcast name, “Men of the Hearts.” Fr. Paul Snyder is introduced as the episode guest. They discuss Fr. Paul’s background in art, and recent Corpus Christi processions at their parishes. Fr. Craig shares that his family has been sick recently and the experience of suffering has deepened his preaching and blessed those in the pews. He points out that vulnerability in preaching seems to have a lot of fruit for the listeners.

(19:50) Vocation Story: Fr. Paul grew up in a Catholic family. In college, he felt drawn to silence. He first thought about the priesthood at the end of college, but he didn’t “know what to do with it.” He got a good job, and had a good retirement fund. He felt he had everything he needed, but he felt empty. He was drawn to go pray in his church’s Eucharistic Adoration chapel, and then to attend daily Mass. The thought of the priesthood came back to him. He asked God, “What do You want me to do with my life?” He feels he disqualified himself from the priesthood because he wasn’t an altar server growing up, or super involved in his faith in childhood. He kept thinking, “Wouldn't I have known this already?”

(29:09) A confirming grace: At Christmas Mass, Fr. Paul heard in his heart, “What more are you waiting for?” This spurred him to talk to his parish priest, who encouraged him to attend the upcoming discernment retreat. He felt peace in his discernment and was very excited to be accepted into the seminary. He reflects, “I viewed my vocation as a riddle I needed to figure out.” He continues, “But this is a relationship with Jesus I need to full-heartedly embrace. It’s not a math problem.” He says his prayer changed from, “What am I supposed to do?” to just spending time with Jesus. He reflects,“After you enter the seminary, there’s still discernment. Just because you enter, doesn’t mean you have it all figured out.”

(39:15) Fr. Craig shares, “There’s an element of giving stuff up when you become a priest but the Lord is so good and He gives it back to you one hundred fold. He uses that all, you give it to Him, and He gives it right back.” Fr. Paul shares how his love for graphic design has been put to good use as he “markets the best product in the world: Jesus.”

(46:21) Advice to a discerning man: “Spend time with the Lord in Adoration. Have time for silence. That’s where we can form that relationship with the Lord.” He continues, “The Lord hasn’t placed a riddle in front of you that you have to figure out on your own. You don’t. You’re not alone. The Lord is there.” He said that talking to a priest to bounce the idea off of can be helpful.

(50:27) Fr. Craig reminds us that this is Fr. David’s last podcast with Men of the Hearts: Fr. David is moving to Rome summer 2023 to study dogmatic sacramental theology. Fr. David thanks Fr. Craig and the audience and asks for our prayers.