Fr. John Riccardo


December 8th, 2021

59 mins 29 secs

Season 1

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About this Episode

(0:55) Fr. Craig Giera and Fr. David Pellican introduce guest Fr. John Riccardo, the executive director of Acts XXIX, to share his vocation story and the many twists and turns he experienced along his path to the priesthood. Fr. John shares about a homily from a brother priest on a difficult moral issue which deeply affected him.

(8:00) Fr. John discusses with Fr. Craig and Fr. David the inherent desire for greatness and pursuing a life of meaning by rising up to the challenge. They discuss how, ultimately, the call to greatness is the call to love God and your neighbor.

(12:00) Fr. John takes listeners through his vocation story, reflecting on hearing the Lord clearly speak to him to call him to the priesthood, from where he began his journey at Sacred Heart Major Seminary which solidified his call to his vocation.

(20:00) In reflecting on their various struggles encountered during their journeys in the priesthood, Fr. John discusses with Fr. Craig and Fr. David the ways in which grace has upheld them, and God has provided everything they needed even in the most difficult moments.

(30:00) Fr. John observes how many of the qualities needed to be a good husband and a good father in a marriage are equally needed and used in the priesthood, and how the level at which you are able to give of yourself and share these gifts is only amplified through a vocation to the priesthood.

(39:00) Fr. John reflects on his time at Sacred Heart, living and studying theology in Rome, the struggles he experienced being away from home, and the transformative experience he had with the Lord while there, deepening in his faith.

(44:00) Fr. John, Fr. Craig, and Fr. David talk about the importance of discernment for any man who thinks he may be called to the priesthood. They illustrate examples of how, through giving God an opportunity to help with discernment, you reach a place of peace.

(48:10) Fr. John shares how his father inspired him by offering his blessing on pursuing his vocational call. He mentions that this blessing gave him permission to discern the Lord’s plan for his life.

(55:05) Fr. John offers his perspective on preaching as an act of listening to what God wants to say and encourages listeners to not be afraid to risk everything for Him.

(58:08) Fr. John leads closing prayer with Fr. Craig and Fr. David.