Exciting News from Fr. David Pellican


February 27th, 2023

47 mins 54 secs

Season 1

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“Do you know His voice? If you’re not praying, you’re never gonna know your vocation.” Today’s guest Fr. David Pellican joins his host Fr. Craig Giera in discussing Fr. David’s new assignment to study sacramental theology in Rome. Together, they revisit Fr. David’s vocation story, this invitation by Archbishop Vigneron to study for the sake of our future priests and the joyful adventure of freely following God’s plan for your life.

(00:03) Fr. Craig Giera and Fr. David Pellican welcome us to this episode of Men of the Hearts. They review the last two guests and share that today’s guest is Fr. David Pellican! They share updates on their lives and their excitement for Lent.

(10:10) Big news + Vocation Story: Fr. David shares his vocation story, starting with his family. Praying the Rosary and talking about vocations helped him consider “what does God want for my life?” At Age 10, “be a priest” was felt in his heart. In high school, he went on a silent retreat with his dad and the thought of the priesthood came back to him. His initial reaction was to reject the idea. He felt trapped by the idea and greatly desired to be a doctor and get married. As a high schooler, praying before Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament helped Fr. David start to hear the Lord’s voice. They discuss the role of prayer, “Do you know His voice? If you’re not praying, you’re never gonna know your vocation.”

(22:13) Religious order or diocesan priesthood? A wise priest helped Fr. David see that religious communities have charisms-- and Fr. David found that his heart was made for service to parishes through the diocesan priesthood. He loved the community in seminary, but found in his heart a lot of fear of public speaking. After his ordination to the transitional diaconate, “the Lord just gave the grace.” He now enjoys public speaking and loves his vocation as a priest.

(28:29) New Assignment: Archbishop Vigneron has asked Fr. David to go back to school and study dogmatic sacramental theology. This means he will step out of parish life to live and study in Rome. Fr. David discusses what he’s excited about and what his fears are in taking this new assignment. He shares the experience of being asked by the Archbishop to take on these new studies and the peace he felt in moving into this new season. “There’s a peace in knowing… if you’re doing what the Archbishop asks, you’re doing what the Lord is calling you to.”

(40:50) “Anything worth doing, there’s going to be challenges.” Fr. David shares about facing hesitancies or fears in following God. “God’s not going to call you to something you’ll be miserable doing.” They discuss the stability and permanency of vocation. They also spend time addressing the fear of making ‘the wrong’ decision in discerning a vocation.