Brother Priests Fr. Drew and Fr. Zach Mabee


September 30th, 2021

1 hr 17 mins 5 secs

Season 1

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About this Episode

Fr. Zach and Fr. Drew Mabee, brothers in the priesthood and brothers biologically, discuss their conversions to Catholicism, their journeys to the priesthood, and how they grow in faith and fraternity together.

Show notes:

(0:33) Fr. Craig introduces this month’s guests, Fr. Drew and Fr. Zach Mabee, who are brothers not only through their vocation, but are siblings. Fr. Zach is a priest in the Diocese of Lansing, and Fr. Drew serves in the Archdiocese of Detroit.

(1:40) Fr. Zach shares that he is teaching at Sacred Heart Major Seminary this year and updates that he is completing his doctorate in philosophy this year as well. Fr. Drew shares an anecdote about growing up with Fr. Zach as his taller older brother.

(6:17) Fr. Drew shares updates and blessings in his life, including his assignments at St. John Fisher and St. Damien of Molokai parishes. He talks about the grace of being stretched outside his comfort zone as a priest.

(9:42) Fr. David gives his own updates, including the students returning to Divine Child for school and celebrating his birthday. Fr. Craig reflects on his summer and attending the Summer Seminar with Archbishop Vigneron.

(14:08) Fr. Zach begins telling his vocation story, sharing how he converted to Catholicism and the models of the priesthood and campus ministry groups he encountered throughout his education that led him to discern his vocation.

(30:11) Fr. Drew reflects on his thoughts and feelings when Fr. Zach shared his intentions of becoming Catholic and becoming a priest. He then shares his own experience being drawn to the Catholic faith and, eventually, the priesthood.

(1:00:32) Fr. Craig asks about Fr. Drew and Fr. Zach’s lives together as brothers and as brother priests, and how they share their experiences of priesthood and ministry with one another. They reflect, too, on the beauty of having been brought to the Lord through other people and how different each man’s experience can be when discerning a priestly vocation.

(1:07:00) The priests discuss where they find fraternity and fellowship in their lives these days and how those friendships help them grow as people and as priests. Fr. Zach and Fr. Drew then give advice to young men discerning the priesthood, emphasizing the importance of prayer, attending Mass, and sincerity in conversation with God.

(1:15:35) They close in prayer.