Archbishop Vigneron's Priestly Vocation


April 16th, 2021

58 mins 57 secs

Season 1

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About this Episode

Archbishop Vigneron joins Fr. Craig and Fr. David to talk about his own vocation story and give advice to those discerning.

Show notes:

(0:03) Fr. Craig welcomes everybody back to the podcast and introduces this episode’s very special guest, Archbishop Vigneron! The three reflect on how their celebrations of the Triduum were this year. They particularly discuss the Chrism Mass this year and how grace-filled it was to be able to celebrate together, in contrast to last year’s celebration.

(4:51) In the monthly Costco update, Fr. David shares that while he was able to get household essentials, he couldn’t get any new snacks for the house because he was called away to do an emergency anointing, and Fr. Craig shares experiences of being called for anointings as well. Archbishop reflects on leading the Anointing of the Sick on pilgrimages in Lourdes.

(13:42) Archbishop Vigneron tells his vocation story. He talks about his upbringing in Anchorville attending Immaculate Conception, and his attraction to the things of Christ from even the third grade.

(17:04) Archbishop reflects on the most challenging time in his vocation journey in 1968, when all the unrest in the nation was causing many of his brothers to leave the seminary — and causing him to reflect on his calling as well.

(24:09) Fr. David reflects on Archbishop’s earlier comment on how he understood the priesthood at each point of his life, and Fr. Craig asks Archbishop what signs he received on his vocation journey. Archbishop talks about the “a-ha moments” he experienced throughout his life.

(30:57) Fr. Craig asks what prayer life should look like for a man discerning the priesthood, and Archbishop emphasizes the importance of periods of quiet and presence in front of the Blessed Sacrament.

(35:26) Archbishop then gives advice of things to avoid when discerning. He gives the examples of bargaining with God, asking the big question right at the beginning, and overlooking attraction to the priesthood.

(41:25) Archbishop shares some of what he remembers from his ordination and first year as a priest, and what it was like when he received the news of being elevated to a bishop.

(48:00) Fr. David gives an overview of the Call to Orders and Scrutiny process that seminarians go through when moving into the transitional diaconate and priesthood, and Fr. Craig shares what he remembers from his scrutinies.

(57:04) Archbishop offers some final thoughts on discerning the priesthood and closes in a blessing.